sticky piano keys

How to fix sticky piano keys

The Los Angeles Piano Tuner provides a service to fix your piano keys. Lets say you are in the middle of a productive and enjoyable practice session or even worse in the middle of a recital. All of a sudden you play a note and the key is sticking. Sticking keys on a piano is an annoying but common problem for pianists. How to fix sticking piano keys depends on the cause of why they are meeting resistance. Sticking piano keys can occur because some object such as trash gets lodged under the key. Accumulated moisture also can contribute to sticky piano keys. Key slips may need to be readjusted. Dirty rail pins hay have to be cleaned. Broken hammer might require replacing. So if you find a piano key sticking it’s good to be aware of why this may be the case. The Los Angeles Piano Tuner provides this service as well as piano tuning and pitch raising.

My rate to fix your keys is for $15 per key.