piano tuning los angeles

piano tuning los angeles
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At the Los Angeles Piano Tuner, I aim to restore your instrument’s playing potential to support the pursuit of your passion. Allow me to describe a bit about how my profession approaches the care of your instrument. You may be asking, ” How to tune your piano ? “. To answer that question, you must first understand that tuning a piano is distinct from tuning other instruments. Unlike, a violin for example, no individual piano will be able to sound exactly like another piano. This applies even if both pianos are perfectly in tuned. On the other hand, two properly tuned violins on the other hand will sound more or less the same. Therefore, an in tuned piano will always sound at least somewhat distinct from any other instrument. 

Piano tuning is a unique and specialized skill.  The process involves muting specific strings so as to be able to focus on adjusting the tension of one string at a time. A tuning fork or electronic device assists the technician in finding the correct tension. This process varies if the piano is an upright piano. In any case, a good piano tuner should be able to have have the proper experience to restore a piano’s sound. This is not meant to be a piano tuning how to guide but is meant to illustrate that being a good piano tuner takes some time. There are even professional certifications and resources from the Piano Technicians Guild for this trade. Can you tune a piano on your own? Of course, but it takes practice. So if you want to enjoy a properly tuned piano then it’s best to hire a piano tuner.

So you might be asking yourself a few questions like, “‘How much is piano tuning?’ , ‘How long does it take to tune a piano?’ , ‘Does a piano tuner come to your house?’, and ‘Where is the best piano tuner near me?'”. First let’s get the cost question answered. How much piano tuning costs depends on the condition of the piano and the experience of the tuner. Generally, piano tuner jobs will be in the range between $90-180.  Second, it takes anywhere between 1 hour to 1.5 hours to tune a piano. Third, piano tuners are definitely expected to come to your house.

Finally, I strive to provide the kind of service that I would expect from any experienced piano tuner. Meaning, I am punctual, communicative, skilled, and always courteous of my clients’ needs.  If that sounds like the best possible service to you then please allow me the opportunity to help you! I also provide pitch raising and sticky key repairs.

My rate for piano tuning is $170.