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I appreciate your visit and welcome the opportunity to help your piano be in its best playing condition. I provide piano tuning, pitch raising, and sticky key repairs.  I take pride in my years of experience providing piano care and maintenance services to support the passion of aspiring and professional musicians. Playing an instrument should be a joy. It’s crucial to give it the proper care to ensure that it plays seamlessly for the expression of musical ideas.

Instruments have extreme meaning to people whether they were inherited or they simply have become your own pride and joy. That is why I am extremely careful and reliable in giving your piano the care it needs. To ensure that you feel comfortable working with me I offer free quotes and am open to new bookings. You may visit the Contact page to send me a request for more information.

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An experienced professional piano tuner can make a huge difference in getting your piano to sound perfect. I believe that I can help elevate your piano’s sound.

pitch raising Los angeles

Sometimes pianos gets more out-of-tune than normal. Pitch raising is the act of adding even more tension to get it sounding right.

sticky keys
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Pianos can accumulate debris or moisture underneath their keys affecting playability. A piano tech can fix these keys by removing this debris or adjusting other components.

I love seeing the reactions of my clients when they see the difference that my services can provide for their piano.
Jessica Watson
Who am I

With many years of experience under my belt I am confident I can get your piano back in shape. I have been playing the piano for along time and I personally understand how sentimental your instrument can be for you.  Additionally, I understand professional musicians need their piano in top shape to continue generating income.

That’s why I take the maintenance of other people’s instruments very seriously. I always endeavor to care for them as it they were my own.

“What a fantastic experience! I used their service to help me when my piano needed some tuning and felt assured that my instrument was in good hands.”
Laura Kyle
“Thank you! I am so grateful that my old piano is like new again!”
Katy Lawrence
“Thank goodness you stopped by. My piano was in serious need of attention and now I am so glad it's in much better shape.”
James Doe
“My piano sounds great. It was sounding off and was no fun to play for a few weeks but I am having such joy after getting in properly tuned.”
Mia Robertson